Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

Conduct assessments to identify skill gaps and learning needs within an organization. Developed surveys, interviews, and data analysis to determine what knowledge and skills are lacking.

Curriculum Development

Created comprehensive learning curricula or programs that cover various topics, ensuring they align with organizational goals and learner needs.

Instructional Design

Created over 175 of instructional design projects. Have developed all materials, including lesson plans, presentations, e-learning modules, and assessments. These materials are always engaging, interactive, and effective in delivering the desired learning outcomes.

E-Learning Development

Design and develop online courses and e-learning modules, incorporating multimedia elements, interactive exercises, and assessments for a seamless and effective learning experience.

Blended Learning Solutions

Combine in-person and online training methods to create a blended learning approach that optimizes learning outcomes while accommodating diverse learning preferences.

Learning Management System (LMS) Implementation

Assist in selecting, configuring, and implementing a suitable LMS to manage and track learning activities, course enrollments, and learner progress.

Performance Support Tools

Create job aids, reference materials, and performance support tools that employees can access on the job to reinforce their learning and improve on-the-job performance.

Professional Development Programs

Develop career development pathways, leadership training programs, and ongoing professional development initiatives to help employees grow within the organization.

Compliance Training

Design and deliver training programs that ensure employees are aware of and adhere to industry regulations, legal requirements, and organizational policies.

Soft Skills Training

Develop training materials and workshops to enhance soft skills such as communication, teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving.

Evaluation and Assessment

Implement methods to measure the effectiveness of training programs, such as pre- and post-training assessments, surveys, and feedback analysis.

Continuous Improvement

Regularly review and update training materials and programs to ensure they remain relevant and aligned with changing business goals and industry trends.

Learning Strategy Development

Work with organizational leaders to define a long-term learning strategy that supports the company’s growth and development objectives.

Vendor Selection and Management

Evaluate and select third-party training providers or content vendors and manage relationships to ensure the delivery of quality learning materials.

Budgeting and Resource Allocation

Prepare budgets for training initiatives, allocate resources effectively, and monitor expenditures to ensure cost-effective learning solutions.

Change Management Training

Assist in training employees during times of organizational change, such as mergers, acquisitions, or major process changes.

Cultural and Diversity Training

Develop programs to foster inclusivity, diversity, and cultural competence within the organization.

Knowledge Transfer and Succession Planning

Implement processes for transferring critical knowledge from experienced employees to newer ones to ensure continuity.

Technology Integration

Explore and integrate emerging educational technologies such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, or gamification to enhance learning experiences.

Customized Training

Tailor learning solutions to specific departments, teams, or individual employee needs, ensuring that training is relevant and effective.


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