Training Tips For Developing Impactful Microlearning Experiences

Microlearning is often used in blended learning solutions and is the go-to for many learning experiences. Learning theories often point to the fact that people learn best when information is broken down into small chunks (usually 20 minutes at a time). This method and delivery make it more likely to learn and retain information. Microlearning can be extremely meaningful, but there are important elements to remember when delivering a microlearning session. The key is to develop elements that ease the transfer of learning.

When developing microlearning sessions, follow Orglearns 8-step process:

  1. Define learning objectives (using Blooms Taxonomy)
  2. Consider your audience
  3. Implement a brief learning style survey
  4. Use the ADDIE Model whenever possible to develop your courses
  5. Examine the environment of your learner
  6. Determine when to launch the sessions
  7. Choose the delivery method
  8. Measure the impact of the microlearning session (using Kirkpatrick)

Launching microlearning as part of your learning and development strategy has many benefits that include, streamlining the learning process for the training team and simplifying the process for the learner.

Considering the past year and half, microlearning has assisted many organizations in keeping in line with training schedules and much needed delivery of important learning objectives. I have always suggested a 4-hour window for leaners to become engaged in the microlearning session. The fact that most microlearning is self-directed, some people will need a little nudge to become engaged with their learning experiences. As with any learning initiative, learning fatigue can be a concern. Here are a few suggestions for creating microlearning sessions that enhance and engage your learner.

Here are some effective and popular formats for microlearning:

  • Create a live conference and open discussion via your LMS platform
  • Create videos that have homework attached to them
  • Attach digital job aids
  • Include Blog Posts for discussion
  • Virtual games to stimulate cognitive engagement
  • Webinars
  • FaceTime engagements
  • eLearning courses
  • Flashcards
  • Peer-to-peer learning experiences (contact Orglearn for more information on how to implement peer-to-peer learning)

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